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Checking and servicing your brakes is an essential part of vehicle maintenance. The stopping performance of your vehicle is critical. Your Jim’s mobile mechanic understands braking systems including ABS and the team is qualified to undertake that brake service or repair.

Signs that brake repairs are needed can be visible, whilst other signs may be harder to notice. Some warning signs of wearing brakes can include:

  • A squealing noise as you apply the brake pedal
  • The steering wheel shakes when you apply the brakes
  • Brake Warning light on the dashboard
  • The vehicle pulling to one side as you brake and,
  • Sticky brake pedal or spongy feeling every time you need to stop
  • Brake lights do not function.

When it comes to brakes, it is suggested that you shouldn’t wait until repairs are needed. Jim’s Mobile Mechanics can attend to your vehicle to inspect everything associated with your brakes, from the condition of the brake pads, shoes, discs or rotors, drums, master cylinders, and brake fluid. We can even adjust your handbrake.

Our Technicians upon inspection, will let you know of the condition of the braking system prior to carrying out any repairs.

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