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Transmission / Driveline.

Should I service the transmission and car’s driveline?

Absolutely, and here’s why.

The transmission/driveline of your car transfers the power from your engine, to the wheels. It consists of the differential, constant velocity (CV) joints, axles, tail shaft, universal joints, gearbox, transfer case, and clutches. All of these components drive your vehicle and do show signs of wear and tear.

Whether you have a Front-Wheel Drive (FWD), Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), All Wheel Drive (AWD), or Four-Wheel Drive (4WD). Whether you drive a manual or have an automatic transmission, Jim’s Mobile Mechanics can check your transmission and driveline to give you that peace of mind you want when driving your car.


  • Vibrations from under the vehicle
  • Clunking noises or shuddering when accelerating or turning corners
  • Squeaking noises
  • Clicking or knocking noises or difficult to change gears
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • Burning smell whilst driving,

In most cases, you probably notice that the car is just not quite right. Whilst most of these problems can be avoided with regular and ongoing maintenance, Checking the components and the oils or fluid can increase the life of your driveline.

Jim’s Mobile Mechanics offers you the flexibility of quality service by professional, fully equipped technicians at a time and location that suits you. We will diagnose the issue or concern and answer any questions along the way so that you are well informed.

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