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Your Engine has many components

We can delve into the technical aspects of the engine and we are more than happy to. When you service your vehicle with Jim’s Mobile Mechanics, we give you as much information about your car as you want in terms that make sense. We also give you the reasons why checks and components need to be replaced at certain distances or times.

We don’t give the engine much thought when it is working fine and starts when you need it. However, when it lets you down or doesn’t perform as it should, frustration is one of the many emotions that come to the fore.

Don’t ignore your engine check light

Consisting of many components, an engine needs looking after at regular intervals. When you don’t know all the technical aspects of your car, you may wonder if those service costs were necessary or really worth it. At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics, we take the hassle out of car servicing for you.

Changing Engine oil at regular intervals

The oil in the engine lubricates, assists in cooling, reduces wear and tear as well as the prevention of engine corrosion. As the oil is circulating in the engine and keeping it lubricated, it collects dirt that forms as part of converting fuel into motion. The filter aims to capture a lot of the particles that are in the oil. Sound technical? Maybe just a little, however, there is so much more to servicing your car than ‘Just an oil change’.

Whilst the oil change is important, there are so many other components that require checking and adjustment. We also check your:

  • Radiator, water pump, and reservoirs, coolant levels within your Cooling systems
  • Fuel systems and filters
  • Exhaust leaks and mufflers

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