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Engine Diagnostics.

Car Servicing is one aspect of Jim’s Mobile Mechanic offering however when you have a warning light on your dashboard or your car is just not running as it should, the team at Jim’s Mobile Mechanics can help.

The automotive sector has evolved over the years (along with most industries). Whilst this is no surprise, cars have become more and more reliable due to computerisation of the car’s components. A Jim’s Mobile Mechanic, using specialized diagnostic equipment can quickly and accurately point to problem areas, thanks to electronics, sensors, and control units.

With the increase in vehicle control systems and components, the diagnostic test can reveal problems and performance issues within your vehicle.

We get asked ‘Won’t a scan tool tell me what the problem is?’ Our years of experience tell us that reading a ‘Fault Code’ on a Code reading tool won’t determine the exact problem that triggered the check engine light. In reality, the code tells us what component parameters are not within specifications, but it does not tell us the cause of the problems. That’s where the strength of Jim’s Mobile Mechanics benefits you, as your technician uses experience and expertise to diagnose the underlying problem.

Before the arrival of car diagnostic tests, identifying problems was time-consuming and expensive, especially considering car owners only brought their cars to mechanics after a breakdown or other severe malfunction. Diagnostic tools can also check the computer system for stored information about the car’s history, giving technicians a complete picture in order to perform the best repair possible.

A Diagnostic test can be performed as part of a vehicle inspection when you’re looking at purchasing a used car.

Jim’s Mobile Mechanics offers you the flexibility of diagnosing your vehicle by professional, fully equipped technicians at a time and location that suits you.

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