Things You Should Know For Your Vehicle Service In Sydney

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We all appreciate how important it is to schedule regular doctor appointments to maintain our own health and wellbeing. This applies in a similar way to our vehicles as well. Each manufacturer, as they release a new car, release a logbook with a service schedule they deem best to maintain the reliability, performance and safety of your car. We will describe each of the three most common service levels in this blog. If in doubt, it is best to be guided by your manufacturer’s logbook to ensure any items that require inspection or replacement are included at your next service.

1.Lube Service

Recommended at every service interval for every car, your engine oil is the lifeblood of your car’s engine. Regular oil and oil filter replacement will assist in maintaining the efficiency of your engine. Jim’s Mobile Mechanics can perform a lube service for you. We will also check your vital fluids, your tyre pressure and tread level and visually inspect the engine bay for any noticeable signs of wear or leaks.

2.Basic/Interim Service

Building on from the Lube Service, Jim’s Mobile Mechanics can tailor a service to suit your car, based on its age and current kilometre reading. We can inspect and replace (where necessary) your air and/or cabin filter, fuel filter, windscreen wiper blades, top-up transmission fluid and coolant. We will inspect your lights, battery and charging capabilities, the Brake Function and component wear and advise of any items we recommend that require monitoring and/or replacing. We can even rotate your tires.

3.Full Service

We will refer to your manufacturers’ logbook to ensure your car is given a comprehensive inspection for your peace of mind. All the items as mentioned in the interval service will be covered, with the addition of suspension components, wheel/hub inspections and any other items specified in the manufacturer logbook based on the kilometre reading or age of your vehicle. Any items can be quoted and submitted for your approval prior to the commencement of any work being carried out.

4.Manufacturer Service

This is the most expensive but comprehensive service that a car can get. Basically, every aspect of your car will be checked and all the nitty-gritty will be dealt with. A few of the checks that will be performed include, tyre tread and pressure check, charging system check, battery check, exhaust check, wheel alignment check, windscreen wipers check, light check, suspension check and shock absorbers check.

At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics we have a team full of qualified and experienced mechanics. They are able to service any car and have it running as good as new. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with one of our mechanics by calling 131 546 today!

Get Your Car Serviced Before Going On A Road Trip

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Wanderlust comes to all of us at some point in time. The excitement of getting on the road and heading for new and exciting places is unrivaled. Maybe you have been stuck indoors for too long or the weather is too good to ignore. There are so many nice places to see, good roads to drive, and new places to explore. When you feel like that, it is time for a road trip.

All your planning will rest on you getting one thing right, that is making sure your car can make the whole trip without breaking down. At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics we can come to you and make sure that your car is in tip-top shape for the trip. Below are some of the checks and basic maintenance that we will perform on your car.

1. General checks

Tires are very important for safety, fuel efficiency, and comfort, our check will include a thorough review of their performance. The air pressure of your tires will be checked and if the tires need to be rotated, this will be done. Brake pads need to be checked as they provide the friction that a car needs for it to stop. Belts and hoses are part of the general check as well. We will check that the belts are tight and that the hoses do not have any leaks.
Being on the open road, your car will be exposed to dust, the air filters in your car will be checked to make sure that they can make the trip. If necessary, they will be replaced.

2.Fluid check

Fluids are necessary to keep any car running. You can call them the lifeblood of a car. A car has six essential fluids and at Jim’s Mobile Mechanics we will check all of them to make sure that they are topped up or replaced if needs be. Engine oil is the first fluid that will be checked. It is responsible for the lubrication of parts like the crankshaft, pistons, and camshaft. Radiator coolant helps keep your engine at optimum temperature; it will be checked to make sure that your car will not overheat during your journey.

Brake fluid and power steering fluid will need to be checked to make sure that your Car Brakes will not fail you and that you have a smooth ride. If power steering is contaminated, your steering will be less responsive. Finally, transmission fluid and windshield fluid will be checked. Transmission fluid helps the gears to shift smoothly and windshield fluid will be necessary to make sure that your windscreen is kept clean.

All this and more will be done to your car when we come to service it before you go on your adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with one of our mechanics by calling 131 546 today!

Can I Get My Car Serviced Anywhere?

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Have you ever delayed getting your car serviced because you just didn’t have the time to get it to the workshop? As our lives get busier, there is little time to attend to all the things that need to get done, even essential things like getting your car serviced. The good news is that there is another option. For anyone that needs a car service, Jim’s Mobile Mechanics has a team of professional mechanics that will come to you and service your car at your convenience. Read on to find out the top benefits of hiring us to service your car.

1. Convenience

This is probably the number one benefit to you as our client. The hassle of scheduling a time when you will be free to take your car to the mechanic is wiped away. While one of our mechanics services your car, you are free to continue with your day and deal with anything else that you need to do. There is no need to take time out of your day to get your Car to get serviced. We will come to you.

2. Transparency

When you take your car to a service center, you need to leave it there for a while. Do you really know what happens to it when you’re not there? Can you be sure that your car was being attended to or it ends up being left in the corner most of the day? When you hire a mobile mechanic, we do all the work at your convenience and you can see exactly what is done to your car.

3. Great Service

It can be quite daunting when you want to discuss your car issues with a regular mechanic. At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics, our mechanics are friendly and approachable. Whenever you need something explained, they will be willing to assist, using the language you understand (without the workshop jargon!). They are also very professional and will service your car in a way that will have it running as good as new for a very long time.

4. Affordable Price

It is very common that mobile car servicing is more affordable than taking your car to a workshop to get serviced. On top of that, you also do not have to drive all the way to the workshop. All the work will be done where you are. This also saves you money as you do not have to pay for the fuel that you’d have used to get to the workshop.

At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics we have a team of qualified and experienced mechanics. They are able to deal with any car issues that can come up. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with one of our mechanics by calling 131 546 today!

Can A Mobile Mechanic Do Everything That A Dealership Mechanic Can Do?

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Car problems… we have all had them and they are pretty much inevitable, aren’t they? It can be easy to get caught up in concern over what to do next and if your car will be fixed on time. Before you worry yourself sick, remember there are other options apart from taking your car to a dealership mechanic. Our mechanics at Jim’s Mobile Mechanics are well trained, fully insured, and always available to help you wherever you may be. If you think that a mobile mechanic cannot do all that a dealership mechanic can read on to find out how mobile mechanics are just as good if not better.

1. Mobile mechanics can help you with all your vehicle needs 

Many people will head to a dealership whenever they encounter a problem or when they need car maintenance. What these car owners do not realize is that mobile mechanics can deliver the same services right in your driveway. Usually, this is done at a more reasonable price to boot. At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics we have mechanics that are trained to do all manner of preventative maintenance. This includes oil changes, battery checks, tire rotations, and more.

2. Mobile mechanics can handle big jobs

It is fair to assume that big car jobs require a designated workshop. This could not be further from the truth. Mobile mechanics bring all the tools that they need for any job directly to their work sites. They also have a good relationship with parts suppliers so they can get any car’s components at a decent price. Thanks to their wide range of training, Jim’s Mobile Mechanics can work on any commercial vehicle, 4WD, truck, or car. Any work done is also guaranteed.

3. You get direct access to the mechanic

When you call a car workshop, you normally end up talking to an office assistant or receptionist. This is not helpful when you need technical answers. It will not be the case when you have a mobile mechanic. You can directly talk to your mobile mechanic whenever you need them, there is no middleman involved. The same way that your doctor knows you, a mobile mechanic will know your car in and out and can assist you in every possible way.

4. The convenience cannot be compared

We all know that cars break down at the most inconvenient of times. Mobile Mechanics make this easier on you by coming directly to where you are. This is hassle-free and can save you lots of money in towing fees. This is one less thing you will have to worry about when your car breaks down in a remote area. At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics, our mechanics are committed to making sure that you do not pay for any unnecessary repairs and that your car is fully repaired each time you call on us.

So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with one of our mechanics by calling 131 546 today!