As We Start To Open Up And Use Our Cars More


We haven’t been using our cars anywhere near what we had ‘pre covid’. With lockdowns in place, traffic and vehicle journeys have drastically dropped.

With summer approaching and once restrictions ease, this will change. Traffic will build up again and more people will be using their cars not only to move around locally but for that extended ‘road trip’. However, if the surveys, statistics and talk are correct, people haven’t been servicing their cars during this time and, in some instances, have not checked their car at all. This may not be the level of comfort that you are looking for when you hop back into the car and head off.

It could well be the case, that fewer people will use public transport and rely on their vehicle as their only mode of transport. That being the case, the reliability of your car becomes increasingly concerning for people especially if the vehicle has been sitting around in the garage not getting used.

It may not surprise you to read that you need to service and maintain your car when you use it. What you may not know that your car still needs to be checked over and serviced even when it doesn’t get used.

With cars that sit idle or have had minimal use, tyre pressures can drop and batteries lose their charge. Degradation of fuel, oils and fluids can occur as well. This could impact the safety and reliability of your vehicle.

There are simple checks of the oil and water levels and tyre pressures that can be done easily enough prior to driving your vehicle again. To give you peace of mind, more thorough checks of your vehicle including the brakes and brake fluid, load testing of your battery, the operation of your lights, condition of your coolant and drive belts might be that saviour that prevents a breakdown when you start to use your vehicle more frequently.

To give you that level of comfort prior to driving your vehicle, Jim’s Mobile Mechanics, your local mobile mechanic can come to you when convenient, service or check over your vehicle or attend to that breakdown you were trying to avoid. Jim’s Mobile Mechanics can give you that peace of mind that Jim’s is renowned for.

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How to maintain your Car in Winter

Maintain your Car in winter

Winter and your Car

June is here and simply winter is upon us and temperatures have dropped. Preparing and maintaining your vehicle for the change is a great step in trouble-free motoring. Preventative maintenance and checks are better than any cure. At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics we have listed the top tips you can use to keep you moving during these colder months:

1. A winter service for your car is always a good thing

Many reasons why we don’t service our vehicle on time. However, regular servicing of your vehicle can highlight potential issues or concerns. A service will consist of a thorough check of the vehicle and immediate attention to anything that needs replacing. A frequently serviced vehicle has a greater lifespan than one that isn’t. Keeping your car in good condition not only keeps you safe when you are out on the road, but it can keep a few extra dollars in your pocket.

2. Have your battery checked.

During winter, it’s likely to be under additional strain. Shorter trips, reduced daylight, and using your lights and internal components more, generally means that it’s going to be working harder. Always get your battery checked as they rarely fail at a convenient time!

3.  Correct oil and coolant levels

Engine oil, coolant, transmission, brake, and power steering fluids are all vital for vehicle longevity. Check your fluid levels regularly and have them replaced as required. The vehicle may appear fine now however, prevention is always better than breakdown.
If you are unsure of how to check the levels, your car service manual is full of hints and tips to assist.

4. Check and clean your head and tail lights!

Reduced daylight, fog, snow generally means that you are relying heavily on your lights. It is also to ensure that others road users can see you.

5. Check your tyres.

Australia can throw all weather conditions at you as a driver, especially at this time of year. With cold, wet, and wintery conditions, you want the best out of your tyres and having the right pressure is the first step. Always check the tyre placard generally located on the driver’s door for your vehicle’s tyre pressures.

6. Prepare your windscreen and wipers by cleaning them thoroughly

Check your wiper blades first. If your wipers are quiet and smooth and clear the water off the windscreen, then they are probably working correctly. If the wiper blades are squeaky, loud and they leave sections uncleaned or streaky, it may be time to have the wipers replaced.
During winter, Jim’s Mobile Mechanics, your local mobile mechanic can come to you, service your vehicle or attend to your breakdown and give you that peace of mind that Jim’s is renowned for.




How A Mobile Mechanic Can Lower Your Monthly Car Maintenance Costs


Choosing to call a mobile mechanic has many advantages. The whole premise of having a mobile mechanic is set on providing convenience, and excellent service at competitive prices. However, one of the most commonly asked questions is whether or not mobile mechanics are actually cheaper than shop mechanics and the answer is, they are! You can take advantage of this and enjoy low car maintenance costs.

At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics we believe that good car service does not need to have a hefty price tag attached to it. Below are two great reasons why our services are more affordable and how choosing to work with us will help you save money.

   1. Mobile mechanics have fewer overheads

This is simple, the fewer overheads that a mechanic has means that they can charge less for the same services. The fact that mobile mechanics have fewer expenses that they incur to run their business means that there are less costs that are passed on to you as a mobile mechanic’s customer.

At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics we take pride in offering premium car servicing at competitive prices. Feedback from customers highlight that they received a clear understanding of the work performed and value for money. Call us and experience it for yourself.

   2. Mobile mechanics work on demand

For many people, your car’s downtime can result in a potential loss of income.
A common scenario – Vehicle won’t start, you have clients to visit or a road trip planned. You need the car. The next appointment at the dealership or local garage is 3 days away. That probably means organising alternate transport or canceling your meetings.

When you choose to work with a mobile mechanic, you get to speak with the mechanic straight away and we come to you. This will help you to reduce your downtime and you can continue to work as you need to with minimal interruption. If you want to reduce your car maintenance costs, give us a ring today!

At  Jim’s Mobile Mechanics we have a team of qualified and experienced mechanics. They are able to deal with any car issue that can come up. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with one of our mechanics by calling 131 546 today!

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5 basic check before you hit the open road

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5 Basic Checks Before You Hit The Open Road

Basic Checks Before You Hit The Open Road

As the Easter long weekend is now only a hop, skip, and a jump away, you may be considering using this opportunity to get back on the open road, to visit some of the favourite places you have been missing or to explore some of the exciting places you have so far only read about!

With the various lockdowns that have been endured and the increase in the numbers of people working from home, it may be that your car has played a smaller part in your life recently than it used to. And yet, we expect them to be ready to go when we are!

By performing checks on your car regularly, you increase your chances of catching any potential problems before they become an expensive repair.

Here are 5 Basic Checks You Can Do Before You Hit The Open Road…

Regular checks and maintenance are all it takes to avoid potential car reliability problems.

These simple tips can help you keep your car in shape and ready for your adventure!


1. Oil Level

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, keeping the internals lubricated and functioning as intended. To get an accurate reading of your oil level, follow these steps:

  • Park the car on level ground.
  • Oil can be checked when the engine is hot or cold. Check the owner’s manual if you are unsure.  If you have had the vehicle running, turn the engine off and wait a few minutes for the oil to settle.
  • Remove the oil dipstick and wipe clean.
  • Reinsert the dipstick all the way and then remove once more to check the level on the dipstick. Should you need to top up the oil, ensure you are using the recommended viscosity for your engine and top up in small amounts. Allow time for the oil to reach the sump and repeat the process to check the oil level. It is important not to overfill the oil.
  • Remember to push the dipstick fully in when you have finished your checks.
  • If you are regularly filling your car with oil, this could be a sign of a bigger problem and you should consult a qualified mechanic.


2. Water/Coolant Level

‘Do not remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot. Always let the engine cool for a few hours to avoid injury.’ Checking your water/coolant level is easy and should be performed on a weekly basis. Your car should be on a level surface and allowed to cool. Most cars carry a reservoir (as seen in the picture above) with MIN and MAX markings on the exterior allowing you to observe the current level. A quick check of the radiator coolant is as easy as looking at the level in the plastic overflow bottle of most cars. The coolant level should be in between the high and low markings. Should you need to top up the level, a 50/50 mix of coolant and demineralised (or distilled) water is recommended. Refer to your owner’s manual to ensure you are using a coolant that is suitable for your vehicle. Make sure to only top up to the MAX marker. Do not fill all the way. Tyre_presure_and_condition

3. Tyre Pressure and Condition

Your tyres are the only contact your car has to the road. If you are about to embark on that road trip, it is great timing to check and see if you need a new set of tyres. A few quick checks prior to driving are a must to keeping you and your family safe.

  • Tyre pressures if incorrect can reduce the life of your tyres, may make your car less safe and is often uncomfortable to drive. The correct tyre pressures specifically for your car are located on the tyre placard. This can be found on the driver’s side front door. Failing this, refer to your owner’s manual.


  • Check to see if your tyres have enough tread. Tyres should have a minimum of 1.5 mm of tread across the entire tread surface. Tyres have wear indicators located between the grooves in the tread (as seen in the image above). When the tread is worn to the indicators, it is time for a new tyre.
  • Check your tyres for:
    • Uneven or abnormal wear.
    • Damage such as cracks or bulges. This could indicate a suspension or steering problem.
  • Regularly rotating your tyres (swapping the front tyres for the rear) helps even out the wear and extend tyre life. It would be a good idea to have this done before a big trip.

Don’t forget to perform the same checks for your spare tyre. Just because it is out of sight, it should not be out of mind.  windscreen_washer_Check

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4. Windscreen Washer and Wiper Function

Washer fluid:

Fill your washer bottle with clean water and a small amount of windscreen-washer additive if you wish. Avoid using kitchen and laundry detergents as they may damage your paintwork and wiper blades.

Windscreen wipers:

Clear visibility out of your windscreen is fundamental to safe driving. If your wipers are torn, noisy or do not clean your windscreen, visibility could be compromised, so a simple check prior to leaving on your road trip is a must. Operating the wipers on a dry windscreen could scratch and damage the windscreen. This could affect visibility. Make sure fluid is introduced to the windscreen before operating the wipers. taillight-indicator-check

5. Checking Headlights, Taillights and Indicators

Having working lights can often be overlooked. Get help from a friend or a family member and test your indicators and headlights, including the high beams. If you cannot get a friend or family member to help, use a glass window or check against a wall to test the reverse lights, taillights and brake lights.  Checking_headlights_check Finally, don’t forget to top up your fuel before you set off. It may sound like an obvious one, but many people don’t fill up before they leave and find themselves getting stuck in traffic or in unfamiliar surroundings only to realise they’re low on fuel. Avoid the inconvenience and fill up the car prior to leaving. You are all set! Stay safe and enjoy yourselves! And don’t forget, Jim’s Mobile Mechanics are here to assist with any servicing, maintenance or repairs you may need. And we come to you! Click here to read more: Jim’s Mobile Mechanics Services

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Get Your Car Inspected Before Planning a Road Trip This Easter Weekend

local mobile mechanics near me

With the Easter long weekend only a hop, skip, and a jump away, now is a great time to call Jim’s Mobile Mechanics and get your vehicle checked or serviced by one of our friendly qualified technicians before heading out on the road.

It is really easy to forget when your car needs servicing. Yes, you know that regular servicing maximises the operation of the vehicle and maintains its reliability. We know that you want the vehicle to be safe for you and those close to you.

You also know that regular checks of the car’s vitals need to occur – oil and coolant levels, tyre condition and pressures, not to mention the spare, the drive belts and the list goes on. At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics, we know that at times, life is busy and it is not always carried out. We rely so much on our cars, that when they don’t perform as they should or it stops working for us, well…………

With so many other things that can distract us and the anticipation of an Easter break just around the corner, now is the perfect time to give Jim’s Mobile Mechanics a call and get your vehicle ready for the long weekend.

We can provide you with peace of mind before packing up the family and heading off on that road trip. To make it even easier, we’ll come to you as well.

Jim’s Mobile Mechanics also provides a range of services should you need them! These services include:
• Mechanical Inspections
• Brake replacement
• Wipers
• Roadside assistance
• Battery checks and replacement
• Headlights, tail lights, and indicators, as well as checking your electrical system

Call us now on 131 546 or go to Jim’s Mobile Mechanics and beat the rush. We will organise a time that is convenient to you and give you that peace of mind you expect when heading out for that well-deserved break.


best mobile mechanic

Over the last few years, mobile mechanic services have grown exponentially. They have taken a large role in the vehicle service industry, primarily because of the many advantages that are associated with them. However, many people still consider this emerging service with reluctance. They question is whether a mechanic that comes to your house is as good as a mechanic who operates purely out of his or her workshop. In addition, they may also think that such a convenient service is ultimately more expensive. Workshop mechanics, though incredibly inconvenient are the tried and tested method. So, which one is better?
Here are some key arguments you should consider when comparing the best workshop mechanics to the best mobile mechanics near you.


The first element we will consider is how effective each option is for a local car owner. Most workshop mechanics operate on a “First come, first serve”, walk-in policy. This can get very annoying for car owners when they arrive at a mechanics workshop to discover that it’s full. Waiting in a line is no way to spend your valuable time, especially when you lead a busy life.
However, with a mobile mechanic, you won’t have to worry about this. Appointments can be scheduled at your convenience, making this method the most efficient way for you to get your car repaired.

Personal Attention

What happens if that one mechanic that you know very well (and who is the most qualified individual in the entire workshop) is busy when you arrive? Chances are good that this mechanic won’t be able to leave the client that their attending to and cater to your needs. That would be extremely unprofessional; as such, you will most probably have to settle for another random mechanic who is available (unless you’ve got the time to come back tomorrow, which most people don’t).
This may be the case with workshop mechanics. However, with a mobile mechanic, you get to choose whichever mechanic you want. When you book an appointment, you won’t have to worry about who will arrive and their level of expertise. You can choose the best man for the job, from the company’s roster.

Cost and Expenses

One of the main reasons why people may consider workshop mechanics over mobile mechanics is the assumption that mobile mechanics are more expensive. Mobile mechanics work at your convenience, so surely they should cost more.
Once you do your research you’ll find that this is not always true. Most mobile mechanic companies operate out of fewer physical locations than their workshop counterparts. As such, they will not be limited by the costs that workshop mechanics will experience (e.g: rent, electricity bills, water bills, etc.). Due to this, the best mobile mechanics are priced the same as most comparable workshop mechanics in Sydney. So why not choose the more convenient option if it’s going to be the same price? In addition, with a mobile mechanic, you save on fuel costs. So, if you total it up you’ll find that a mobile mechanic’s service would actually be cheaper.

At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics, we are equipped with a team of qualified and experienced mechanics. All of these individuals are ready to operate at your beck and call. So, book an appointment with one of our mechanics by calling 131 546 today!

Here is more information on The Main reasons why your car isn’t starting and how a Mobile Mechanic can help.


Main Reasons Why Your Car Isn’t Starting And How A Mobile Mechanic Can Help

Main Reasons Why Your Car Isn’t Starting And How A Mobile Mechanic Can Help

Can you imagine the panic when you want to rush off to work in the morning and your car sputters then fails to start! ‘Why is this happening?’ Unfortunately, there could be any number of possibilities causing this, which is why the help of a mobile mechanic could be just the tonic you need. At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics we can come to you and ensure that your car is back up and running in no time. Below is a list of possible reasons why your car would refuse to start and how we will be able to help you get it running again.  


One of the main signs that you have a dead or defective battery is when it fails to start the car. A car’s engine cannot function if this critical component fails to supply it with enough power to ignite the fuel reaction. A battery usually goes flat if interior lights or other electrical components are left on overnight. To get it up and running you can try jump-starting it. Jim’s Mobile Mechanics can test your battery and charging system to get to the bottom of the issue. We also carry a range of replacement batteries on board.


A car has many filters that are designed to prevent contaminants from entering your cars’ engine, cabin, and fuel system. They assist to keep the moving parts of an engine running smoothly. As the fuel filter begins to clog, you may notice signs such as sluggish response, less power than usual, or difficulty starting the car. This could well be the time to replace your fuel filter. It is recommended to replace the fuel filter in accordance with the service schedule in your owner’s manual, however certain environmental factors (such as the areas you use your vehicle), may make it prudent to change it more regularly. For peace of mind, our qualified mechanics can inspect the condition of your filter and recommend if it requires replacement. Jim’s Mobile Mechanics can also perform this as part of your service.




A car’s timing belt ensures the engine’s valves open and closes when they must so that they do not have contact with the pistons. Many car users will not be familiar with this component but it’s one of the most critical parts of the engine. If the timing belt fails it can lead to extensive damage to the engine. Jim’s Mobile Mechanics can assess the condition of your vehicle’s timing belt during a routine service.


This is a very common cause of a car failing to start. The starter motor is connected to the battery and is the key to set all the other parts in motion. If you hear a loud clicking sound when you start your car (and you have noticed difficulty starting the engine recently), it could be a sign that the starter motor is faulty. Jim’s Mobile Mechanics can arrange a suitable replacement for a wide variety of makes and models.

There is no need to take time out of your day to get your car service. We will come to you. At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics we have a team of qualified and experienced mechanics that will be able to come and help you at your point of need. So, what are you waiting for? If your car is refusing to start, Call 131 546 today!

Why Mobile Mechanics Are Building In Popularity


There is a multitude of reasons why mobile mechanics are becoming more popular. They are able to deliver great service that clients can rely on. Our clients find it reassuring that the technician they meet, is the technician who will work on their car and report back their findings. This is not the experience at many workshops or dealerships. At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics, we are always available to help you out with any car issues that you may have. Below are some more reasons why a lot more people are convinced that mobile mechanics are the remedy to all their car problems.

1. Expertise and experience

At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics, we only employ the most qualified and experienced mechanics. This is how we can offer the absolute best in-car service to all our clients. Our mechanics will not only be able to pinpoint and diagnose problems that any vehicle has, but they will also come up with efficient and cost-effective solutions to these problems. Mobile mechanics also carry all the tools and parts that are required for any job. By so doing, they can fix any car whenever and wherever it may be.

2. A varied skillset

As with any other job, a varied skill set is an asset that all our Mobile Mechanics have. They can attend a variety of car repairs and service needs. Any matters that need to be attended to will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. This can be a car’s fuel injection, battery, engine, alternator, or the braking system. Their expertise is not only limited to passenger cars. Trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles are also included. For those in the haulage industry, having a mobile mechanic on speed dial will save you a lot of headaches.

3. Great value for money

In life, every cent saved can be used for something else. This also applies to car maintenance and servicing. You save money each step of the way when you choose to deal with a mobile mechanic. Firstly, you do not need to travel all the way to a shop to drop off your car then drive it all the way back. That saves you some traveling expenses. Secondly, you get an upfront bill with a breakdown of any work that needs to be done on your car. This helps you to prioritize what you can get done that day and what may need to be delayed for another day.


What services do you offer? At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics we have a team of qualified and experienced mechanics. They are able to deal with any car issues that can arise. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with one of our mechanics by Calling 131 546 today!


5 Smart Reasons To Choose Jims Mobile Mechanics For Your Car Service And Maintenance

car maintenance and repair

When it comes to cars, even the smartest people get bamboozled by how they function and what causes them to break down. Sometimes this is because you are using the wrong mechanics for your car servicing and maintenance. If you need a mechanic in Sydney, then Jim’s Mobile Mechanics are there for you. If you are wondering why exactly you should choose us, here are 5 reasons why:

1. We are trustworthy

When you need your car to be serviced or have a general maintenance check, you need a mechanic that you can trust. It goes without saying that not all mechanics are honest and some unscrupulous ones gouge customers for money. With us, you will not have to worry about whether the price you have been quoted is inflated or not. Our word is our oath.

2. We are qualified

There is a reason why we have many satisfied clients that keep using our services. We know what we are doing. Jim’s mechanics have many years of experience dealing with cars and are more than qualified to deal with any car problem. We also have state-of-the-art equipment that we use to ensure that your car keeps running efficiently.

3. We are reliable and efficient

Don’t you hate it when you have to spend all day at a mechanic’s shop waiting for your car to be fixed? You will not have that inconvenience when you call Jim’s Mobile Mechanics. We pride ourselves on being reliable and efficient. Whenever you need us, we will come to you and we will get the job done with no fuss and in the least possible time.

4. We are hassle-free

The best part of Our Service is that we are Mobile, so that means we come to you! You will have a hassle-free experience – that’s a promise! Just call 131 546 and we will have someone ready to help you. Our onsite quoting is subject to terms and conditions, when you speak to our customer service team please feel free to ask!

5. 100% satisfaction guaranteed

We are very proud of the work that we do and the level of service that we deliver to all our clients. We value all our customers and always do our utmost with each job. Our main focus is to ensure that we have 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with any work that is done on your car, we will work on it until you are.   Are you planning a road trip then get your car serviced before going? So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with one of our mechanics by Calling 131 546 today!  

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Air Cabin Filter: Everything You Need To Know


Spring has sprung!

And while Spring brings with it some glorious days ready-made for your next road trip, it also brings with it – allergy season. What does that mean for your car and why is Spring the perfect time to replace your car’s cabin filter?

A cabin filter works like a barrier between the outside world and the interior of your vehicle. Cabin filters are effective in preventing contaminants such as smoke, dust, dirt, pollen, insects, and exhaust gases (amongst others) from entering your vehicle through the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. They collect and trap this debris matter, so it won’t be pumped into the car when air passes across it.

This debris matter builds up over time and reduces the effectiveness of your cabin filter. With the arrival of Spring, the presence of these contaminants, including an increase in pollen count may contribute to breathing difficulties, especially for those with existing allergies.

Regular replacement of your cabin filter will help to keep the air in your Vehicle Clean and free of these contaminants. Most vehicle manufacturers will recommend you replace your cabin filter at 15,000-kilometer intervals. However, if you’re in a highly-populated area, travel regularly on dirt or dusty roads, or are susceptible to irritants in the air, you may consider replacing your cabin filter on a more regular basis.

Jim’s Mobile Mechanics can check the condition and if necessary, replace your cabin filter the next time we service your vehicle.

Why not book in your next service today by calling 131 546 to get in touch with your local Jim’s Mobile Mechanic.