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How to maintain your Car in Winter

Maintain your Car in winter

Winter and your Car

June is here and simply winter is upon us and temperatures have dropped. Preparing and maintaining your vehicle for the change is a great step in trouble-free motoring. Preventative maintenance and checks are better than any cure. At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics we have listed the top tips you can use to keep you moving during these colder months:

1. A winter service for your car is always a good thing

Many reasons why we don’t service our vehicle on time. However, regular servicing of your vehicle can highlight potential issues or concerns. A service will consist of a thorough check of the vehicle and immediate attention to anything that needs replacing. A frequently serviced vehicle has a greater lifespan than one that isn’t. Keeping your car in good condition not only keeps you safe when you are out on the road, but it can keep a few extra dollars in your pocket.

2. Have your battery checked.

During winter, it’s likely to be under additional strain. Shorter trips, reduced daylight, and using your lights and internal components more, generally means that it’s going to be working harder. Always get your battery checked as they rarely fail at a convenient time!

3.  Correct oil and coolant levels

Engine oil, coolant, transmission, brake, and power steering fluids are all vital for vehicle longevity. Check your fluid levels regularly and have them replaced as required. The vehicle may appear fine now however, prevention is always better than breakdown.
If you are unsure of how to check the levels, your car service manual is full of hints and tips to assist.

4. Check and clean your head and tail lights!

Reduced daylight, fog, snow generally means that you are relying heavily on your lights. It is also to ensure that others road users can see you.

5. Check your tyres.

Australia can throw all weather conditions at you as a driver, especially at this time of year. With cold, wet, and wintery conditions, you want the best out of your tyres and having the right pressure is the first step. Always check the tyre placard generally located on the driver’s door for your vehicle’s tyre pressures.

6. Prepare your windscreen and wipers by cleaning them thoroughly

Check your wiper blades first. If your wipers are quiet and smooth and clear the water off the windscreen, then they are probably working correctly. If the wiper blades are squeaky, loud and they leave sections uncleaned or streaky, it may be time to have the wipers replaced.
During winter, Jim’s Mobile Mechanics, your local mobile mechanic can come to you, service your vehicle or attend to your breakdown and give you that peace of mind that Jim’s is renowned for.