Air Cabin Filter: Everything You Need To Know


Spring has sprung!

And while Spring brings with it some glorious days ready-made for your next road trip, it also brings with it – allergy season. What does that mean for your car and why is Spring the perfect time to replace your car’s cabin filter?

A cabin filter works like a barrier between the outside world and the interior of your vehicle. Cabin filters are effective in preventing contaminants such as smoke, dust, dirt, pollen, insects, and exhaust gases (amongst others) from entering your vehicle through the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. They collect and trap this debris matter, so it won’t be pumped into the car when air passes across it.

This debris matter builds up over time and reduces the effectiveness of your cabin filter. With the arrival of Spring, the presence of these contaminants, including an increase in pollen count may contribute to breathing difficulties, especially for those with existing allergies.

Regular replacement of your cabin filter will help to keep the air in your Vehicle Clean and free of these contaminants. Most vehicle manufacturers will recommend you replace your cabin filter at 15,000-kilometer intervals. However, if you’re in a highly-populated area, travel regularly on dirt or dusty roads, or are susceptible to irritants in the air, you may consider replacing your cabin filter on a more regular basis.

Jim’s Mobile Mechanics can check the condition and if necessary, replace your cabin filter the next time we service your vehicle.

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