As We Start To Open Up And Use Our Cars More


We haven’t been using our cars anywhere near what we had ‘pre covid’. With lockdowns in place, traffic and vehicle journeys have drastically dropped.

With summer approaching and once restrictions ease, this will change. Traffic will build up again and more people will be using their cars not only to move around locally but for that extended ‘road trip’. However, if the surveys, statistics and talk are correct, people haven’t been servicing their cars during this time and, in some instances, have not checked their car at all. This may not be the level of comfort that you are looking for when you hop back into the car and head off.

It could well be the case, that fewer people will use public transport and rely on their vehicle as their only mode of transport. That being the case, the reliability of your car becomes increasingly concerning for people especially if the vehicle has been sitting around in the garage not getting used.

It may not surprise you to read that you need to service and maintain your car when you use it. What you may not know that your car still needs to be checked over and serviced even when it doesn’t get used.

With cars that sit idle or have had minimal use, tyre pressures can drop and batteries lose their charge. Degradation of fuel, oils and fluids can occur as well. This could impact the safety and reliability of your vehicle.

There are simple checks of the oil and water levels and tyre pressures that can be done easily enough prior to driving your vehicle again. To give you peace of mind, more thorough checks of your vehicle including the brakes and brake fluid, load testing of your battery, the operation of your lights, condition of your coolant and drive belts might be that saviour that prevents a breakdown when you start to use your vehicle more frequently.

To give you that level of comfort prior to driving your vehicle, Jim’s Mobile Mechanics, your local mobile mechanic can come to you when convenient, service or check over your vehicle or attend to that breakdown you were trying to avoid. Jim’s Mobile Mechanics can give you that peace of mind that Jim’s is renowned for.